Singsing Organ in the Rainy Night

- Hear the Oldest Organ in Taiwan with Yu-Hsiang Abby Chen

Yu-Hsiang Abby Chen/Organ


Open Reel tape released!!

    In the spring of 1964, US warships assisted in the transport of two massive pipe organs donated by the Mount Carmel Baptist Church and

Second Presbyterian Church of Virginia, One of those organs, the Opus 984, which was built by the Boston E & G. G. Hook and Hastings,

finally rebuilted in THAI-PENG-KENG Maxwell Memorial Church in Tainan in 1978. It is the oldest and still in use of Taiwan's existing

organ. (Another one was originally installed in the Tainan Theological Seminary Chapel, and was replaced by a new German-made Schuke organ

only in 1997. After the repair and reconstruction by the Chi Mei Foundation, the organ was moved to the Chimei Museum now)


   Different from today's common electronically controlled organ, this is a rare Tracker Organ, which there is a mechanical link between the

keyboard and the pipes. The keyboards (called manuals) and the pedal board are directly linked to the wooden trackers that connect to the

windchests which play the notes. Playing It is a great challenge, because the keyboard will become heavier and heavier with more like of

the stops.

   There is also the difference in the sounding time caused by the gap of the traction mechanism. The sound of the tuning plug can be heard

during the recording, and the mechanical traction system The sound of the turkish sound, the continuous noise of the organ blower, and the

resonance sound of the doors and windows in the church when the Full Organ is played! At the end of the last song, you can also hear the

player's radio plug and turn off the blower and return to the world.

   Organist Yu-Hsiang Abby Chen won the Best Audience Award in the 2017 Asia Organ Competition. She grew up in the organ sound in the THAI-

PENG-KENG Maxwell Memorial Church, has very deep relationship with this old instrument.

   We have a lot of music treasures in Taiwan, and it is absolutely worth listening to! The THAI-PENG-KENG Maxwell Memorial Church is located

in the historical center of Tainan. It also has the most historical choir in Taiwan (established for more than 150 years!)


   This is the first pure analog produce project of Bel Canto Musicale. It is recorded in seven microphones, live mixing into stereo by

Studer 962 mixing console, and recorded with Studer A807 Mk2 stereo tape recorder. The original tape is finally finished with pure analog

editing (with a blade and tape!)

   The album was recorded in January and February of 2018. It was recorded for a total of six days. For the sake of the integrity of the

music, instead of using the method of segmented recording, it is played all the time from the beginning to the end. In the first song,

Bach's prelude and fugue, the two movements are together for ten minutes. The closer the ending music is, the bigger the scale, the more

the keys will be heavier (because you have to pull more The sound tube of the player) is a severe test for the player's physical strength

and willpower. Therefore, this song can only be taken once or twice a day. If you are still not satisfied, you can only record it again

the next day!


   This is a purely mechanical organ, so it takes time to change the stops (that is, change the tone). In Dudley Buck / Yu-Hsiang Abby Chen:
"Old Folks at home" variations for the Organ, I have to stay. The sound of the tuning stops between each variation, this is the real
appearance of the organ playing, I did not cut it off! After the end of the last song, I specially recorded the sound which our performer push back all the stops, and turning off the organ electric blower, I was silenced after. You can clearly heard the sound of ambulance outside the church passed and farther away!

Open reel one: 28 minutes of music

J. S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in G Major,BWV 541

Mendelssohn: Sonata No.3 in A major

Open reel two: 28 minutes of music

Schumann: Sechs Stücke in kanonischer Form für den Pedalflügel, Op 56

Original Recording Format: 1/4 inch, 15 IPS CCIR EQ, RMGi SM911 tape with Studer A807 MK2 Tape Recorder

Available Open reel format: 1/4 inch, 15 IPS CCIR EQ tape


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Quantity:Limited 20 copied

Price: 15 IPS CCIR EQ metal reel tape, USD 292 for each reel, USD 570 for full album 2 metal reels set.


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