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Ma, Shui-long: Concerto for bamboo flute and orchestra
Chen, Chung-shen/Bamboo flute Chiuko Traditional Orchestra, conducted by Wang, Ching-hsien Release date:2019/05/30



BSA-004 Teng-kei Yang

Live from Singying Concert 2019 with Faziolli Marco Polo Piano Teng-kei Yang / Piano

Release date:2019/05/10



BSA-003 Savour Piano Trio

2019 Concert in Kaohsiung

Smetana / Dvorak: Piano Trio

Release date:2019/04/14





BSA-002 Igor Pikayzen

Live from Taipei Concert 2018

Igor Pikayzen / Violin

Tatyana Pikayzen / Piano

Sold Out !


BSA-001 Li-chi Chiang

Live from Taipei Concert 2017

Li-chi Chiang/Piano

Lest Three Sets







BCM Series Open Reel Tapes

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Yu-hsiung Abby Chen

Singing Organ in the Rainy Night

Hear the Oldest Organ in Taiwan

Yu-hsiung Abby Chen / Organ



BCM-008B Axel Salmona

Rêveries - Pièces pour violoncelle et piano



BCM-011 Axel Salmona

Entre Deux Rives



















MMXIX Bel Canto Musicale